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Our Club Founders


LeMoyne Johnson

Dottie Favorite

Dr. Sanders

Dr. Sanders had the "pregnant idea" for the club. LeMoyne and Dottie did the groundwork to get it started. They all worked at Blake Hospital and loved photography. Although Dr. Sanders has since passed, LeMoyne and Dottie continue the passion and play key roles in our club.

It is with sincere thanks from all our members that you three brought the gift of photography to create such a unique family club built on a passion for the art of photography.

Our Club Today

Everyone who enjoys photography and is old enough to use a camera is welcome. Many of our greatest photographers started at an early age. In addition, we encourage family participation.


One of the most important endeavors of our club is education. We try to fulfill this task by our technical sessions, our field trips and also mentoring, as well as, one on one training.


We are very fortunate to have some very talented and accomplished members in our club. All of our members are willing to help and mentor all those needing assistance or just wanting to learn something new. We can match you up with the right coach.


At every meeting anyone can ask questions regarding photography. This is where we educate each other.

Want to learn photography? There is no better way than to get out there and snap photographs! There is no better place to do that than our monthly field trips. If you want to make the most of your trip, our club can assign you a mentor in order to gain much more knowledge than struggling on your own.


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